Sunday, April 19, 2009

Four Bells

I find that I can no longer hold it all in. I believe that capitalism, and therefore the foundation of American society, is at a crossroad. I believe that neither party truly represents my interests and that debate on the topics most important to our future are uninformed and seldom grounded in logic.

It is my hope to bring logic, context, and some clarity to the discussion. I welcome debate from those who would strive for the same.

As you might have inferred from the blog title, a quote from Keynes, I am primarily here to discuss political economy. I am not dogmatic in any belief, but I believe the sudden up swell in the recycling of previously discredited Keynesian ideas demands debate more rigorous and considered than what we have witnessed thus far. I was hesitant to use a Keynes quote, as I fear it may imply approval of his ideas, but I ultimately decided that "capitalism, wisely managed" sums up the topic of debate quite well.

I have had an increasingly strong desire to start a political economy blog over the past several months, but I have been hindered primarily by time, but also by my rather non-confrontational character. Current events, being what they are, have compelled me to conclude that I have something to offer to the discussion, and it is therefore my duty to contribute.

So here I am. Damn the torpedoes. Four bells.


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