Thursday, January 14, 2010

Special Interst Group Strikes Deal with Obama

Apparently, "union leaders" now have a seat at the legislative table. I'm actually a bit surprised at how unashamedly, out in the open this is. Remember kids, it's only a "Special Interest Group" if you aren't a member of said group.

I haven't written much lately primarily because I've been quite busy with a new job, but also because I find the whole situation so depressing. A government's regulation of a fractional reserve banking system of its own design fails, as any "Austrian School" economist would predict, yet that same government is able to pin the blame on "market failure" (and the Austrian School economists are still considered loony by the mainstream economists). People are acting like "greed" (or what I like to refer to as "rational self interest") is a newly discovered attribute that is only to be found in lower Manhattan. Yes, regulators could obviously not be expected to anticipate that people might try to profit from regulatory incompetence. So, now the country is running as fast as it can into the brick wall of Marxism and ever-expanding the domain of the state. Yes, because we've never seen that go wrong before.

Of course, it doesn't help that we don't teach economics in our failing public school system (I didn't encounter economics until grad school at a private university) because the teachers themselves place their own economic interest above the well being of those whom they profess to serve (again, that's perfectly rational and to be expected, but our education regulators refuse to see it). In other words, teachers can only make themselves worse off if every student that graduates from High School actually understood the economic consequences of minimum wages and trade unionism.

Those who love liberty see little to be happy about lately. Actually, the fact that the federal reserve will probably devalue my student loans through high inflation is a plus....assuming I can maintain my wages...

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