Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tea Party conservatism explained

Here are three good 10 minute videos on the basic platform of what I'll call "Tea Party Conservatism" in this context (although I think "Libertariansim" is probably more accurate).

In the first, Mr. Wittle explains what would seemingly be a popular concept: those who advocate a limited government believe that you should be able to make your own decisions. It's hard to believe how much resistance there is to that idea.

Next, Mr. Wittle discusses the current state of our elite ruling class and why it's probably a reasonable idea to limit its power. Again, you think this would be an easy sell, yet I'm amazed at how many people simply don't want the responsibility that comes with life and willingly turn control of their lives over to others. (Note: if you don't have time to watch all three, this is the one I'd skip)

And lastly, Mr. Wittle attempts to educate on a topic for which our government school system has spectacularly failed: basic economics.

HT to Taking Hayek Seriously

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